Airtel Night Plan 2024 with Codes

Airtel Night Plan 2024:  1.5 GB Night Plan: Airtel’s SmartTRYBE 2.0 is a prepaid plan designed for young people, offering affordable voice calls, data rates, night browsing, and special campus data deals. Migrate to SmartTRYBE by dialing *412#

Airtel Night Plan Code 2024: Connect To Your Trybe

Airtel Night Plan 2024

Airtel’s SmartTRYBE 2.0 is a specially designed prepaid plan for young people. It offers a variety of benefits, including affordable voice calls and data rates, night browsing for streaming movies, TV shows, and music, and special campus data deals. With SmartTRYBE 2.0, you can stay connected with your friends and family without breaking the bank.

Special Benefits

  • Calls at N0.78/Min or 13k/Sec to all networks: Enjoy affordable voice calls to all networks.
  • 1.5GB for N500 for 7 days: Get a generous 1.5GB of data for just N500, valid for 7 days.
  • N25 for 250MB. Valid between 12midnight and 5 am: Enjoy unlimited night browsing with 250MB of data for just N25, valid between 12 midnight and 5 am.

SmartTrybe Plans

PlanPriceData VolumeBundle Validity (Days)USSD Code
SmartTrybe25N25250MBBetween 12 Midnight and 5AM*412#

How to Migrate to SmartTRYBE

To migrate to SmartTRYBE, simply dial *412# from your Airtel phone.

Additional Benefits

  • SmartTRYBE Campus Data Deals: Get more data when you buy data plans on campus.
  • Easy Recharge: Recharge your Airtel account with a variety of convenient methods, including online, through the Airtel app, or at any Airtel retail outlet.

Airtel’s SmartTRYBE 2.0 is a great prepaid plan for young people who are looking for affordable voice calls, data rates, and night browsing. With its variety of benefits, SmartTRYBE is the perfect plan for staying connected with your friends and family.

Additional Tips

  • Manage your data usage: To avoid exceeding your data limit, keep an eye on your data usage and use Wi-Fi whenever possible.
  • Take advantage of night browsing: Use your night browsing data to stream movies, TV shows, and music without worrying about your data allowance.
  • Recharge regularly: Make sure you always have enough airtime to stay connected.

Airtel’s Data Plans Codes 2024: Your One-Stop Solution for Affordable and Reliable Internet

In today’s fast-paced world, staying connected is more crucial than ever. Whether you’re browsing the web, streaming your favorite shows, or catching up with friends on social media, reliable internet access is essential. Airtel, a leading telecommunications provider, recognizes this need and offers a variety of data plans to suit every individual’s requirements.

*Dial 312# and Discover a World of Data Possibilities

With Airtel’s comprehensive data plans, you can enjoy seamless connectivity at affordable prices. Whether you’re a casual internet user or a heavy data consumer, Airtel has a plan tailored to your needs. Simply dial *312# to explore the wide range of options available.

Daily and Weekly Plans for Everyday Internet Needs

Airtel understands that not everyone has consistent internet usage patterns. For those seeking flexible and budget-friendly options, Airtel offers daily and weekly data plans. These plans provide ample data for everyday tasks like checking emails, browsing social media, and staying updated on the latest news.

**PlanPriceData AllowanceValidity DaysUSSD Code
N5040MB1 Day*312*50#Buy now
N100100MB1 Day*312*100#Buy now
N200200MB3 Days*312*200#Buy now
N3001GB1 Day*312*354#Buy now
N300350MB7 Days*312*300#Buy now

Value-Packed Plans with Entertainment Extras

For those who enjoy streaming videos, listening to music, or watching shows, Airtel offers value-packed plans that bundle data with popular entertainment apps. These plans provide not only ample data for your daily internet needs but also access to your favorite streaming services.

**PlanPriceData AllowanceValidity DaysUSSD Code
N500750MB + 1GB YouTube Night + 200MB Spotify + 210MB Tik Tok + 210MB Airtel TV Streaming14 Days*312*500#Buy now
N5001GB + 1GB YouTube Night + 100MB Spotify + 105MB Tik Tok + 105MB Airtel TV Streaming7 Days*312*502#Buy now

Larger Plans for Power Users

For those who consume significant amounts of data, Airtel offers larger plans that provide ample data at competitive prices. These plans are ideal for heavy users who rely on the internet for work, education, or entertainment purposes.

**PlanPriceData AllowanceValidity DaysUSSD Code
N5002GB2 Days*312*504#Buy now
N15006GB7 Days*312*1504#Buy now

Choose the Plan that Fits Your Needs

With Airtel’s diverse range of data plans, you’re sure to find the perfect option to suit your specific requirements and budget. Whether you’re a casual user seeking daily or weekly plans, an entertainment enthusiast looking for bundled extras, or a power user demanding larger data allowances, Airtel has the plan for you.

Experience Airtel’s Fast, Reliable, and Affordable Internet

Airtel is committed to providing its customers with a fast, reliable, and affordable internet experience. With its extensive network coverage and advanced technology, Airtel ensures that you stay connected wherever you go.

So, what are you waiting for? Dial *312#, explore the wide range of data plans available, and find the one that perfectly fits your needs. Enjoy seamless connectivity, endless entertainment, and a world of possibilities with Airtel’s data plans.

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